LANDOVER, Maryland -- The problem with the Washington Redskins' run game remains the same as it’s been in the past. It’s not a one-position issue. It’s not even just an offensive line problem, though there were a few negatives up front.

Rather, when they have a good play called, one person misses a block. Jordan Reed Jerseys Or when they need push, they’re not getting it. Or when they do, it takes one miss to cause it all to break down. Or if the line does its job, a tight end might lose his block.

It adds up to a lackluster preseason showing by the Redskins’ offense. Kirk Cousins Jerseys The regular season is three weeks away, so panicking now wouldn’t be productive. Being concerned? Yes, that would be wise. In Saturday’s 21-17 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the Redskins’ run game was non-existent. This after a week in which coach Jay Gruden stressed its importance.

I like that the starting offense wanted to stay in the game, knowing they needed to generate something positive. Ryan Kerrigan Jerseys They know what they must prove; it’s a good mindset to have. This isn’t about a group that doesn’t work hard; nobody does more work than the offensive line. At some point maybe this is just who they are: a group that pass protects well but is inconsistent blocking for the run. If you want to be called Hogs 2.0 -- again, I appreciate what and who they’re trying to emulate -- then you need to duplicate their success. Nicknames, in the end, are earned. Nobody knows that more than the players.

Two times it was left guard Shawn Lauvao who missed a block, leading to problems. Sean Taylor Jerseys Another time center Spencer Long stumbled and was unable to block the linebacker. Or tight end Niles Paul missed a block on the edge. And receiver Ryan Grant failed to obstruct the linebacker on another. And tight end Vernon Davis didn’t handle the corner in space on another. Last week Trent Williams missed one. Maybe running back Rob Kelley could help on some runs with an extra dash of patience. Other times, though, he’s being hit two yards deep.

“It just takes time and practice,” Williams said. DeSean Jackson Jerseys “It takes growth. It doesn’t just boil down to the five people blocking. It takes everybody. If one guy misses a block, it can turn a play that’s a potential plus-10 to a minus-1. Those are the things we have to iron out and keep swinging and hopefully it will come through.”

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